The HATCH Ostinato Project is a global platform for creatives, educators, and students to grow and empower future leaders. 

At HATCH 2015, world-renowned composers Philip Sheppard and Russell Spurlock visited John Zirkle's music class at a rural school in Big Sky, and while doing an interactive workshop to show kids how they too could be composers, came up with an idea.

The HATCH Ostinato Project was formed to empower students to realize that they can compose music by removing inhibitive barriers common to the underserved music classroom, enabling them to experience original, fully realized sounds. The program matches composers and professionals with schools and music classes to allow for collaboration on music creation, resulting in professional music production.

The music the kids and composers create together is made into CDs, released on music stores online, and may also be licensed for commercial use. The revenue generated through music sales goes directly back into the music program that originated it and the licensing revenue serves to support the Hatch Ostinato Project. Beyond providing critical support for arts education, HATCH Ostinato engages students in creative thinking and problem solving at an important age, improving their self-confidence and excitement for their education.

Put simply, the HATCH Ostinato Project enables kids at a critical age to find their voice. The Ostinato Project was born from HATCH, which brings together global mentors with next generation leaders to catalyze creativity to HATCH a better world... #becauseofHATCH

The HATCH Ostinato Project was presented at the Google for Education Summit in San Diego to 1,000 educators, principals, and superintendents. This exposure was an important step toward manifesting a global platform that self-funds creative arts programs.