HATCH Ostinato provides immersive, collaborative, and experiential learning

The HATCH Ostinato Project matches composers and professionals with schools and music classes to allow for collaboration on music creation, resulting in professional music production that can then ultimately generate funding for that specific music program. Here's how the process works.

Composer visits

The composer visits a classroom and meets the students and music teacher.

Approach 01

kids create the seed

Students from the music class compose a simple musical idea (the seed), record the idea, and send it off to a HATCH Ostinato Project composer team.

Listen to a seed
Approach 02

Composer works

The composer builds the Ostinato into a fully realized track and sends it back to the teacher.

Listen to the composer's response
Approach 03

Kids deconstruct

The teacher plays the piece for the students and they deconstruct it, attempting to figure out what might come next in the piece, or what they might do differently with it.

Watch the video

Approach 04

Debrief with composer

The composer joins the class via Skype and video, and discusses why certain choices in the music were made. The composer then employs musical suggestions from the students into the music and completes the track.

Listen to the final track
Approach 05

Kids learn

The students quickly learn to follow their creative instinct while also learning how music works, and soon completed compositions are flowing.

See the impact

Approach 06

Songs Released

The songs are released on various music platforms and 100% of the proceeds benefit that school’s music program.

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Approach 07