A discussion on the reasons of the increased human trafficking rate of the youth in Southern Africa

A discussion on the reasons of the increased human trafficking rate of the youth in Southern Africa.Introduction
It has been found that even although there is a reduction in many types of abuse/crimes, the rate of human trafficking has never stopped increasing among the youth world -wide. Southern Africa has done nothing to stop this, so the youth is becoming victims of human trafficking day by day. The researchers had found that approximately 36.4 percent of the youth were victims of human trafficking in 2009 and this was conducted to see if the rat of human trafficking has dropped or raised. The United Nations definition of human trafficking is “the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of power or receiving of payments to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation.”(United Nation, 2010, p.1). This essay will discuss the main 4 reasons of the increased human trafficking rate of the youth in the context of Southern Africa.

Opportunities are the major reason human trafficking rate is rising. Many of youth are desperate to find jobs and once they found one, they will grab it without considering the outcomes. They get involved in human trafficking by participating in sex work, labor force, drug dealing, and kidnapping. Even although some were promised professional jobs, they are now cleaning other people’s yard, which has created a question in people’s mind if it I really worth it to leave your own country to be a cleaner in another country. In addition, they also never get benefits stated in the contract of employment. According to the World Economic Forum (2014). South Africa has the third highest unemployment rate in the world for people between the ages of 15-24.It is possible that many youth are victims because of the their government failing to provide employments and they might have left with no other option but to take human trafficking as an opportunity to improve their living standards. Nothing is for free in today’s world, so after rendering a service, money should be paid as a reward for work done.

Money is the biggest motive every person on earth to have. The key US anti-trafficking law declares that “human trafficking is the fastest growing source profit for organized crime and proclaimed that it is the third largest criminal enterprise in the world.” (US Department of state 2004, 14). By checking at the information provided by US Department of state it seems that the youth could have thought that human trafficking is the best well-paying company. When it comes to money youths are divided in two categories, the needy ones and those who want self-enrichment. A needy youth is a youth that is really in need of something because of their background or current situation. If the youth is living in poverty or does not have a job obviously it is very easy for that person to be a victim of human trafficking. Some of this youths are promised or given big amount of money to do prostitution business, labor force and drug dealing. This is the same situation happening to many Zimbabweans who are now selling the body in South Africa because of the economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

Self-enrichment develops when a person always want to have more of what he/she has. This group many of them are kidnappers. In fact, this youths have jobs and have nice salaries but they think this is not enough for them. In details, they are sent by Sagoma to get human parts, so they have to kidnap other people and sometimes kills them because they are told if they bring a certain part of a body they will become rich in future. They prefer a short cut way to richness in life. There is always a cause to every problem a person face in life, so it is possible that the youth could have lacked information on human trafficking.

Lack of information and awareness
Human trafficking the third largest crime enterprises in the world, but yet many of the youth has never heard of it. The youth is supposes to have answers to the questions concerning human trafficking, what is it, how does it happen and how to stay away from it. The government has not made an effort to introduce educational programs on human trafficking in schools or campaigns to educate and make youths aware of human trafficking. It also has not implemented strong laws to protect it citizens and immigrants. For this reason, human trafficking rate has to keep increasing because it is not being controlled. The United Kingdom ‘is few of the countries to authorize migration from new EU member states, asked IOM to establish regional campaigns in the Czech, Poland, the Solvak Republic to clarify the myths and realities of immigration to the United Kingdom and to provide objective information on immigration and working in the UK, the rights and obligations of immigrants, and the risks and consequences associated with abuse of the UK laws and the social security system” (IOM Prague, 2004 &IOM Slovakia, 2004). In the world of technology nothing is impossible, so internet has made human trafficking easier.

Technology that youth are rapidly adopting; indeed a recent study 12-18 years old found 97% use the internet (finkelhor, Mitchel, & Wolak, 2000). The more time and many youths online is the higher the chances of them getting involved in human trafficking .The youth is free to make connection online with anyone they want without interfering from third part. Online people are free to create friendship and this can lead to some becoming victims of human trafficking by accepting offers from people, without knowing their real intentions because of trust bond between the two. It is very hard to escape someone’s plan that a person feel connected to. Human trafficking can be done by people in different countries without them meeting up.

This essay has discussed about 4 factors that has contributed to the reason of the rise in human trafficking among the youth. It has found that unemployment, money, lack of information, and internet has leads many youth to the point of getting involved in human trafficking. The government should provide employment of it citizens especially for the youth. The youth should learn that money is not the solution to every problem they are facing in life. Educational programs and campaigns should be introduced to educate and create awareness in order to save tomorrow’s leaders. Also strong laws should be implemented. Human trafficking is real, therefore every action to be taken against it will make a change. A good relationship between countries will lead to a safe youth, a safe Southern Africa.

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