Companies that pride themselves on emplacing trust and accountability among their employees are often very successful

Companies that pride themselves on emplacing trust and accountability among their employees are often very successful, this is hugely adopted when higher levels of management lead by example and consistently and proactively build upon that example, incorporating it into all sections of the company.
In order to keep the presence of trust and accountability within a team, you should never tell lies or half-truths, you must remain open minded at all times, it is recommended to avoid speaking or acting inconsistently and only when absolutely necessary should you consider withholding information. Before you learn how to maintain trust and accountability, you must first learn how to create it. Here are some key points to thoroughly evaluate:

• Communication
A company’s vision and values are of upmost importance, it defines the direction of where the company is intending to go and the procedures for achieving their goals are established. Ensure this message is communicated clearly.

• Establish and maintain integrity
Integrity should be at the core of trust in any company. Integrity should come from the top and be cascaded down. Amongst other things, always telling the truth, no matter how difficult it might be at the time and keeping promises. This will ensure that people hold a firm belief in the company.

• Do the right thing
Despite personal risks following a natural sense to protect yourself or ignoring any personal penalties, doing the right thing will always create respect from employees, out of this respect will grow trust.

• View all employees as equal associates
This basis of this is for management to not be stand-offish, but being proactive and meeting employees. This practice should be shadowed by actively working alongside leaders, looking for their opinions and listening to their ideas. It is important to make everyone feel important, whether it be the newest employee or the lowest paid employee, they should both feel equally part of the team. Acknowledge their contributions to the team, knowing their faces or names and treat them with genuine respect.

• Focus on shared goals
When employees feel that everyone is pushing collectively to accomplish a shared goal or vision, trust is prevalent and effective productivity flourishes.