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In this section, Asghal was taken as example of local organization that uses construction cost solution. Ashghal, public works authority of Qatar, is responsible for the managing construction of all infrastructure projects and public buildings in Qatar including roads, drainage, schools and hospitals. Ashgal used to use Microsoft Access as database to store rates for cost estimation purposes. Currently, Ashgal has shifted to use more specialized software in cost estimation in construction. From 2014, the authority started using Causeway’s Cost and Programme Management software (CATO) up to now. This software allows to store, monitor and track a comprehensive rates database based on historical data provided by consultants and contractors of previously completed projects. Also, it supports functions to check estimates for CAD drawings and BIM for future projects.¬ In short, the solution provides different functions such as: feasibility estimate, cost planning, bill of quantities, embedded spreadsheet, whole life costing, cash flow forecasting and earthworks. The software is powerful in extracting data in excel sheets. However, there are some limitations in the software. Each time, there is a change in stored cost values, It requires to update libraries in software in order in order to reflect new values of cost in new projects. Also, search engine in software has some limitation.