Name: Hafiz Muhammad Abdullah
Roll No: BBA-F15-LC-076
Subject: Advertising Management
Subject instructor: Luqman touheed
Assignment No 3
University of Sargodha Lahore campus
Topic: Different types of Advertisement
An advertisement is a process that makes your company’s product and services famous and makes you more powerful in the market and in the consumer’s eye. Without advertising, your product and services have no value because no one knows about the product and services of the company. There are a lot of types of advertisement currently companies and organizations used for the making value of their products and services. Some types of advertisement are Emotional Appeal (personal appeal, social appeal, fear appeal) Humor appeal, Sex appeal, music appeal, Music appeal, scarcity appeal, Rational appeal, Brand appeal, Adventure Appeal, Emotional Appeal, Romance appeal, Play on words, statistic.

Emotional Appeals
Emotional appeals related to the consumer psychology and perceptions than common sense and reason to initial movement. An emotional appeal depends on sentiments and perception. Emotional appeal can create loyalty between consumer and brand.

Personal appeal
The power of attraction and holding someone attention because it is unusual and or exciting. Some personal emotions that can drive individuals to purchase that product which includes safety, love, joy happiness etc.

Social appeal
Social appeal force individuals to make purchases and include such aspects E.g. respect, rejection, acceptance, approval and status.

Fear appeal
Advertising that tries to creates anxiety on the idea of worry, in order that the consumer is advocated to clear up this worry via bought the services and product. For example, promotion for flame protection that photos a family crushed by the fire that has decimated their home.

Humor Appeal
Humor is a factor that is use minimum of 30% for the brand advertisement. Humor is a brilliant instrument to catch the watcher attentiveness and source to attain immediate recall which can work better for the sale of any goods and services.

Sex Appeal
Sex and nakedness have continuously sold well. Companies and organizations utilize hot and sexy models “provocative” item shoots that will make the watcher emotionally excited. for example slice juice advertisement.

Music Appeal
Music can be utilized as a sort of commercial interest as it has a specific inborn esteem and can expand to the draw of the Ad. it can also help to increase in capturing consumer attention.

Brand Appeal
The factor directed towards people who is brand conscious and want that product that fulfills brand statement.

Romance Appeal
This type of advertisement is the passion between couples showed in Ads. The interest is utilized to mean that purchasing a specific item will positively affect the opposite sex and enhance your sentimental and or love life. For example fragrance ( Ads of perfume), Automobiles and other product use these type of advertisement appeals.

Promotions also use statistic and figure to show part of the items and its prevalence specifically.

Play on words
Promotions also use effective use of viable utilization of catchphrases to pass on the message. such appeal in the brand picture making towards in the brain of others.