Pure serenity

Pure serenity. My eyes slowly adjusting to the warm sun spreading its rays across the bed of the sea, glittering as it hit its surface. A cool draught of air whisps rustled through the tips of delicate palm trees who spread their arms into infinity. Dense emerald leaves attached to the strong, viewed branches creating shade for small grains of sand scattered across the ground.

Heaven on earth.

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Overseas lay the unapologetically urban cityscape spread over the once green land filled with chance and opportunities.There were no trees or city planted blooms, just monoliths of concrete soaring out of the sidewalk in an exact grid pattern. At night it was magnificent, lit up by hundreds of street lights appearing as delicate stars dropping down to earth. As by day, smells of smoke from cars would fill the air, vanishing as they lifted. Sounds of car horns and engines filled the air as other civilians hurried, all going their own paths.

Complete silence. Not a single word to be heard for miles. Not a single cloud in the azure bright sky. The untouched golden sand glistening as the burning rays of the sun hit its surface. Seagulls swoop down from the sky determined to catch there unsuspecting prey. In the distance, unnoticed the once cowardly clouds shaded the sun, darkening the sky. Mother nature was preparing for battle ready to reclaim what was rightfully hers. Whispers of wind hurried through the air trying but failing to raise alarm. The palm trees, once brave and strong shook in fear, as they knew what was about to begin. Something was coming. Something unimaginable and bigger than expected. Thunder rumbled in the distance and a bolt of lightning cracked the midnight blue sky into two. Jagged flashes of pure light cast a glow against the monochromatic background.The rain exhibited no sign to cease, the inception of the fearless storm had only just arrived.

The watery gates of hell flew open.

Armies of trees were defeated, crashing and falling to the floor. The town was overwhelmed as electricity blackouts and shattering of glass had people living in the fear of the unknown. Waves crashing violently onto the shore, defeating anything and everything that stood in its way.

Screams could no longer be heard. No tears, No voices.

Deafening silence.

Not a sound to be heard for miles. Gargantuan pools of doom stood high guarding the reclaimed land. Complete silence filled with pure devastation and victory.