Statement of Purpose From

Statement of Purpose
Name: Nitinder Kaur
Program Applied: Bachelor’s in Computing Science
Institute: Thompson Rivers University

The Visa Officer,
Canadian High Commission
Subject: Application for Study Permit
Family Background: I Nitinder Kaur, live within a family of four members in a small Town Talwandi Sabo. All of us are having different tastes with our area of choosing career such as my Mother, who has put her feet’s in the teaching career and now is designated on the post of Science Mistress in Government High School , serving the nation with the brilliant future building student. On the other hand, my Father
Academic Background: From the beginning, I always been an average student who supposed to score within the range of 75% and 90%. Currently, from the last two years, I am leading my ways towards the Thompson River University (one of the renowned University of Canada) through the partnership programme with the Continental Institute for International Studies. During my last two semesters, I have achieved 88% and 85% approximately. Before that, I had passed my Secondary and Senior Secondary Schooling with the remarkable score of 9.6 CGPA and 83% (round about) respectively. I wish to continue with the same graph during my academic years.
At the same time I am not a person who is only committed to her studies. I have participated actively in many extracurricular activities like creative design event and IT Quiz (in which we won First Prize) with which I have been recognized as a person with good leadership quality. Along with my studies and participation in extracurricular activities, I have attended a computer science workshop that was organized by Pronto Infosystem LLP on march 22nd and 23rd 2018,in my college, helps me in having a good hand with the coding part of HTML and PHP.
Why this Course? And the Career Objectives : My groundwork to select the same course has started from my Senior Secondary School period when a new subject was introduced named as Multimedia and Web Designing along with the old subjects that is Science and Mathematics fascinated me to grab my attention towards the area of computers and logical programming. Moreover, my brother who has been in the same field gave an opinion that this field is having further multiple career opportunities. My pre-tertiary education at CIIS provided me a comprehensive knowledge of the basic areas in computer science and engineering , such as C++, Java, HTML, PHP, Database like oracle, Networking and designing language like UML.
These courses make me more confident and happier towards my decision of selecting the IT field, along with that they open the next door of choosing the career among many areas to a specific one of software developer.

Why Canada? Canada is a peaceful, safe and orderly country, which has developed a first-rate education system with high standards and global recognition.
Being a country of immigrants, people from all over the World having different perspectives are respected and learning together is encouraged.
As compared to other country, Living expenses and tuition fees are always in favour.
Above all, I have been listening about Canada since my childhood. As most of my relatives are there like my elder brother who has been there for last three and half years would prove to be a good guider.
Why University: I think the formal education approach of University will make me more equip in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge for the selected field. However, the diverse culture of University would help me in exchanging thoughts and develop international network with the people from different countries. However, there is another factor of choosing BCS program from TRU is the time span of 2 years education in India through CIIS who are driving a partnership program with the well known colleges and university of Canada. There I have gone through the various courses list but I found BCS program that covers various areas of interest such as game designing, web designing, software development, etcetera, along with the added advantage of distance education program scheme run by TRU that make me able to cover half portion of my education by living with my family.
Future Aspects: The basic courses that I would cover, help me in creating a strong foundation in the various streams of computer .But to make myself potentially stand in the global market of software development I would decided to continue with the masters degree so as to get the command over the growth strategies that are required to make my name in the real world of computer science.

Financial Status: My parents are supporting my higher studies. My father is a…. and his annual income is Rs…………../- i.e. $ ………….. CAD and Mother is a teacher and her INR is… per Income Tax Returns. (Proofs are attached for your reference). I have already paid my tuition fee of CAD$14,128.51 and also I have an Education Loan of Rs.___,00,000 for my educational and My living expenses will be covered by my GIC which I have paid of CAD $10,000 (All proofs are attached).
I hope you will find the facts re-presented above are evidence that my proposed studies are reasonable and it is a humble request to you to consider my application for study permit favorably and give me a chance to prove myself and achieve my goals.

Financial Status:
We belong from a middle class family where our expenses comes from my father’s government job. He has an income of 6 lacs (approx.) annually. I have paid my fee for year 3 i.e. $15010 in Thompson Rivers University along with the living expenses, GIC, of $10000.

Conclusion: Being a daughter of a teacher, I always received the environment of learning, which polished me as disciplined and dedicated student. I assure that I will perform my level best in my studies. I hope through Canadian education I would strengthen myself personally and socially with a great courage and spirit.