Today freight forwarder’s activities include the following functions

Today freight forwarder’s activities include the following functions:
• To act on the customer’s behalf to procure the most suitable transport and shipping Services- the freight forwarders have their contractual customers. The service providers promise the customers to solve their supply chain situation. The clients appoint and nominate the forwarder to act on their behalf. The forwarder acts as their client and does what the client needs to do. They solve the custom duties, prepare the paper works, maintain and bring the consignment to the delivery points etc.
• To undertake the arrangement of the routing: A freight forwarder takes all the necessary steps to arrange the transportation route and choice of mode for the customer, together with any ancillary service such as customs clearance or packing. This level of involvement introduces a higher level of expertise, which the shipper may not always be able to provide.
• Offering stand-alone ancillary services such as warehousing, customs clearance, packing and port agency- the freight forwarders not only deliver the package to the selected points. They also offer the extended activities that the clients ask them to. Many times the shippers may lack the abilities to solve some problems. At that situation the clients ask the supply chain solution provider to solve the problem by providing their transport, warehouse or packing facility. At this point, the shipper is charged for the extra service.